Joining No. 10

 How to join Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning No. 10

Freemasonry is the one of the world’s oldest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. We always welcome new members who live, work or study in the Midlothian area and wish to join and become a Freemason.

The average age of our members in Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning is 42 years old ranging from 19 to 90 and come from diverse backgrounds covering a broad spectrum of professions, interests, ethnicities and religious beliefs.

No. 10 is the oldest Lodge in the Province of Midlothian.

How do I Become a Freemason and a member of Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning No. 10?

You might think that to become a Freemason is quite difficult. It’s actually straightforward.

You do not have to be invited.

If you wish to become a Freemason and join  Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning No. 10 then simply contact us.

Our Lodge Secretary, William Ross PM, will be in touch to arrange a meeting with you to:

  • Answer any further questions you may have about Freemasonry
  • Discuss the procedure of joining the Lodge
  • Show you around our Grade II Listed Lodge Room built in 1766 at 129 High Street Dalkeith EH22 1BE.

Why become a Freemason?

Every Freemason has his own reason for joining.  For many, Freemasonry acts as a ‘constant’, providing them with a unique combination of friendship, belonging and structure, with many Freemasons saying they have made valuable lifelong friendships. Other reasons include:

  • Achievement – progressing through the offices in the Lodge to become Master.
  • Extended Masonic Knowledge (through membership of other bodies)
  • Brotherhood – making new friends from all walks of life.
  • Charity – contribute to deserving causes, both Masonic and non-Masonic.
  • Education – learning from peers and mentors by practicing and making speeches.
  • Knowledge – finding out about the history and mysteries of Freemasonry.
  • Self improvement – making a contribution to your family and society.

What benefits will I get out of Freemasonry?

  • Meet people from very different walks of life.
  • Satisfaction of helping others less fortunate than yourself.
  • Self-confidence and ability to learn increase.

Who can join the Lodge and become a Freemason?

  • You must be Male and at least 18 years old
  • You must Have a Belief in a God – All religions are welcome and respected.

How much does it cost?

You don’t have to be well-off to become a Freemason. It costs less than you may think and is comparable to other social clubs and societies.