The Reply from No. 8

I got your clever rhyming letter

And as a thing ne’er pleased me better

For it I’ll lang remain your debtor

But as I’ve time

I’ll gie ye my views o’ the waiter

Like you in rhyme

Tae tell the truth I kent quite weel

The fault lay wi’ you Steward Chiel

And sae ye didna’ need to feel

A hair o’ shame

The fellows heids been in a creel

Sae him we’ll blame

For Worshipfuls like you and me

It’s whiles no easy just tae see

That a is done as it acht tae be

Among sae mony

E’en I mysel’ can gang aglee

As weel as ony

I got ye’r order for the chink

Tae pay for what we had to drink

But yet a wadna’ hae ye think

Ye were ma debtor

I’d ne’er again e’en by a wink

Hae waisted the waiter

But when tae Dalkeith next we’re startin’

I’ll mind tae bring Brother Barton

But you mauna oor auld friend dishearten

By ony plisky

Syne fillin’ him as fou’s a paukin’

Wi Dalkeith whiskey

And noo er’e I lay doon my pen

I’d like ye, Brother Smith tae ken

That we’ll sune hae a nicht again

Wi yin anither

And drink success tae Number ten

And you my brother