History of the Lodge


It is undoubted that Freemasonry has existed in Dalkeith for a long time.  The following link will give you an insight the very earliest records relating to that fact.

The Melrose Minutes


Dalkeith proudly occupies one of the oldest Lodge rooms.  The following pages explain further the history of the wonderful building we occupy.

Historic Scotland

Laying the Foundation Stone

The Foundation Stone


The following pages will give you an insight into some of the historical artefacts that add to the splendour of our Lodge.

Original Charter and Box

St. Andrew

Lodge Banner

Lodge Strong Box

Other photos from inside the Lodge


The following pages set out further information which will give you an historical insight into the business and activities of the Lodge.

The Grand Procession

St Andrew’s Night

Lodge Poems

Mark Ceremonial

Please follow the link to the following page where you will find some snapshots of the History of our Lodge.

Moments in History