Lodge Banner


This is the banner of the Dalkeith Kilwinning Lodge.

  • The Lodge was No. 9 from its founding up until 1816.
  • From 1816 to 1822 it was No. 10
  • From 1822 to 1826 it reverted to being No. 9.
  • From 1826 onwards it has been No. 10.

The banner, therefore, could date from 1816-1822 or 1822 to the present day – probably in the latter time-span.

The date 1736 on the banner refers to the founding of the Grand Lodge.

The skull and crossbones with “MEMENTO MORI” (Be mindful of death) above is quite a usual decoration on such banners and does not refer to anything specific.

The sun, moon, square and compass shown in the centre are masonic symbols.

The other inscriptions “SAPIENTIA CONSTANS” (ever wise) and “CONCEDO NULLO” (I yield to no one) are Masonic mottoes.

The banner would be carried in processions on a pole and would hang for the rest of the time in the Lodge.