From Dalkeith No 10 – To Journeyman No 8

After ye gaed awa last night

We found oorsel’s in sic a plight

We found ye’d payed what was oor due

I didna think ye were sae fou

Accept apol’gies frae No 10

Wha like to treat their guests like men

And trust their Brethern on the square

And gie them aye becoming fare

Oor steward maun hae be confused

But I maun tell ye he’s no used

To take from guests what we should pay

And that ye’ll find anither day

Perhaps I should hae gi’en direction

For want O’ which I need correction

However that maybe, I send

Enclosed wi’ this tae mak’ amend

A potsal order in your name

Which you can say frae Tam Smith came

Come oot again when we hae berries

And summer weather and brae cherries

And Brother Barton ye maun bring

If he’ll no dance we mak’ him sing

I ken straeberries mak’ him frisky

And we’ll gie him guid Scotch whiskey

But mind ne’ist time ye pass oor pillar

Ye leave ahint yourse’ls your sillar

But come ye soon or come ye late

We’ll gie a welcome No 8